I’m a 21 year old Photographer and filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia.

I discovered my love for creating in July of 2017 after buying my first camera, which I purchased to bring some balance back into my life. Up until that point I was working full time as a Personal Trainer, and studying health sciences at University, two things that really weren’t bringing me the fulfillment I once imagined they would! I began shooting as much as I could, spending every afternoon and every weekend out taking photos of absolutely anything, to the point where if I wasn’t at work, or sleeping, I was either shooting, or editing.

In November I quit my job to travel through Canada over the winter, a trip that completely changed the way I not only viewed Photography, but also how I viewed my time. So I returned to Australia, in March of 2018, and with a little savings left over I began freelancing, taking on whatever jobs I could, working for free in the beginning, and then slowly building up enough to start charging. Now, almost 12 months later, I’m continuing to grow as an Artist, and working entirely for myself.



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Head over and check out some of my personal and work related cinematography work!